International Engineering Project in Pamplona

The main aim of this engineering international project is the enrichment of professional skills for each of our course attendees. All our efforts go directly to improve the knowledge and sustainable development of the students, with the cooperation and collaboration of regional companies within our community.

The program combines practical academic experience alongside both  cultural and leisure experiences

Students are divided into groups and work for five weeks, to develop engineering projects proposed by prominent Navarrese companies. The tutors of these companies are responsible for defining the projects and challenges that are taken on and solved by the students. As a part of the course all students must report on their progress with written reports and face-to-face presentations every week.


The companies participating in the program are:

“The objective is for students to know how to work in an industrial environmen and the tecnical approach of a Project”
Pablo Allo, Data Scientist at Viscofán

“It has been an extraordinarily satisfactory experience for the company to work with these students”
David Gonzalo, Director of the Software Department at Tesicnor

Cultural and leisure experience

The students, who stay in a residence near the UPNA and CITI Navarra, also enjoy a complete cultural program organized by CITI Navarra that includes guided visits to Pamplona, ​​with a special stop at the Palacio de Navarra, and excursions to various locations such as Olite (Royal Palace) and the Spanish cities of Barcelona and Bilbao and Guggenheim museum